How To Access Huge Investment GNAT Loan

      How To Access Huge Investment GNAT Loan Easily

      It is a very frustrating and complicated process for GNAT Teachers Fund members to access higher loan amounts classified under other categories of GNAT loan unlike the personal loan application. The frustration involved in applying for higher loan amounts under other loan categories is purely due to the documentation required. The Teachers Fund has loan categories such as personal loans, Investment/business loans, habitat loans and vehicle loans.

      Personal loans from Teachers Fund are the easiest to access because the documentation requested is only a payslip and passport picture. While payslips and passports are equally needed for the other types of loans, extra documents like business registration documents in the case of business/investment loans, site plans and/or indentures in the case of habitat loans and chassis numbers in the case of vehicle loans, are needed, which are information to be obtained from formal sources, frustrates the people, makes the process costly, delays the loan application process and therefore disincentives the applicants from applying for such loans.

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      Out of the three loans other than personal loans, only business/investment loans could have its documents also obtained from informal sources which makes it less frustrating and less complicated. What one needs is only a formal letter addressed to the Teachers fund requesting the desired amount and for what businesses. The applicant would also need an invoice from his/her suppliers to back both the business and the amount needed.

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