How And Why A Baby Fell Into Stomach From The Womb

      A true life narration where a pregnant woman was saved just in time.

      How and why would a fetus fall from the womb into the stomach?

      It is worth heeding to a medical doctor’s advice.

      The woman would probably have died if she were not a nurse at the Government Hospital.

      Hypovolenic shock and the ready-go ambulance service

      A team of doctors at another referral hospital were prepared and waiting at the theater to perform surgery on the nurse who was the patient.

      Child birth is a refreshing and delightful experience, especially for women after they have gone through the pain that comes with child birth, whether through surgery or through the natural push method, not to talk of the fatigue that accompanies the pregnancy period. Though stressful, it is the wish of most women to get pregnant, to the delight of their husbands. Also, couples have the chance to determine how soon they have their children or how they space their child-birth, but through natural conditions, the opportunity to decide the frequency or spacing of their children can be taken from the couples and placed in the hands of medical advice. Most medical advice, especially those concerning child birth can be very sensitive to the patients and even considered as an inconvenience. This was the case where a medical nurse was advised against trying to have a child within a year after a surgical operation.

      The true life narration of the event, through a relation of the patient, which occurred this year 2022

      A medical nurse who was trying to have a child for sometime without success was diagnosed with a fibroid in the womb which was successfully removed through a surgical operation. The process of removing the fibroid means that her belly and womb were cut to remove the fibroid. The nurse was therefore advised against trying to have a baby within one year of the operation to allow the wounds in the belly and womb to heal properly. As history would have it, the nurse got pregnant before the elapse of the first year and nature did not spare her at all.

      Baby missing from the womb

      The nurse who left for home from work on the day that laboratory scans showed her baby was no longer in the womb had to return to her workplace because she was not feeling well with complains relating to her pregnancy. Multiple scan tests, however, discovered the baby had fallen into the stomach from the womb through the surgical wounds in the womb. The child is no longer in its natural environment and a wound had reopened inside the stomach with complications of internal bleeding.

      Hypovolenic shock and the ready-go ambulance service

      The nurse who immediately had a shock of her life became non-responsive. An umbulance service which could be similar to any service in any advanced country was quickly arranged by umbulance service, and other patients continue to wonder whether it was the same umbulance service provider they knew who provided such a service, to convey the patient to the next referral hospital, which was informed ahead of the arrival of the patient.

      The doctors had prepared everything and waited in the referred hospital’s theater when the patient arrived and surgery was performed to save the day. The surgery, which was done without any anaesthesia, was only able to save the mother who was on the verge of dying, since the baby had already died.

      Doctors’ advice will always cause an inconvenience, but there is mostly a better reason to adhere to it.

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