How A Basic 8 Teacher Improved Her Learners’ Knowledge With Their Own Environment

Miss Mariam Amoaba Obuobisa , the basic 8 teacher at P.W.C.E Demonstration J.H.S, proposed the activity.

Learners were ignorant of their existing environment until the activity was carried out.

The original purpose of using the existing environment for the course was due to lack of funds, but it turns out that even with adequate funds, using the same existing environment would serve the appropriate purpose.

Teaching and learning at the basic school level can be very challenging for both learners and their teachers due to several factors, including lack of teaching and learning materials as the major factor. Inadequate funds to procure learning materials or embark on field trips could therefore deny learners the opportunity for any practical or field trips for hands-on learning. Teachers therefore have to innovate at the least cost to ensure their learners appreciate whatever subject or topic being taught.

Miss Mariam Amoaba Obuobisa wants other teachers to emulate her action of using their environment appropriately for the purpose of teaching and learning.

Miss Obuobisa Mariam Amoaba found herself in a situation where she had to teach her learners lessons on tourism, leisure and development in a classroom setting. She was aware of the financial challenges with respect to sending her learners on a field trip. She therefore decided to make good use of her environment, Aburi Botanical Gardens, a national asset of past glory though it still retained some of its previous glory, for first-hand information on what tourists come to do at the gardens, how the tourists feel when they arrive at the gardens, the things tourists expect to observe at the garden and even for the learnerss to observe how the natural environment comprising all manner of living and non-living things interact. Also, she wanted to help her pupils to have a feel of the lesson not in an abstract way.

15 minutes walking distance from the school to the tourist site

In the words of the learners, they never see/observe different types of trees or birds in the garden though they pass through the garden daily to school. The students had the opportunity to observe how pollination takes place. The learners, who can be classified as urban dwellers have the opportunity to identify different types of grasses which they may not have known in their lifetime had it not been the field trip to their backyard.

The trip which, was embarked on 18th and 19th of May this year, 2022, for both classes A and B of the basic 8 respectively, undoubtedly achieved its purpose with the feeling of the pupils similar to what any other tourist would get from any trip.

The teacher, Miss Mariam, was grateful to her headteacher, Miss Darko Mercy, and Miss Huzey Justine, her colleague, who assisted with the movement of the pupils both to and from the garden for a successful field trip.

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