GNAT President, Rev. Owusu Suffered First Major Betrayal From Government.

GNAT President, Rev. Owusu Suffered First Major Betrayal From Government.


1. Teachers unions in Ghana are agitating the removal of their new Director-General of Ghana Education Service.

2. Later correspondence showed the agitation include the post-retirement contract extension of one of the Deputy Director-Generals, Lawyer Anthony Boateng.

3. The teachers unions declared a nationwide strike on Friday 4th November 2022 after the government refused to heed to the call of the unions to revoke the appointment of the two Directors though they were invited a day earlier for an engagement on the Friday day by the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations(MoELR) of which they honoured.

4. The engagement was postponed to Monday 7th November 2022 after the teachers unions claimed they presented their issues to MoELR on the 4th and was expecting a response from the government’s team on the Monday.

5. Even though the Monday’s engagement could not conclude on the demands by the teachers unions, the president of the largest teachers union, GNAT, Rev. Isaac Owusu disclosed to the media after the meeting that the engagement was fruitful and was emphatic, probably from the feedback during the meeting, that there would be a conclusion of the engagement the following day, Tuesday, 8th November 2022.

6. To the dismay of everyone, probably to the dismay of the GNAT President too, the government’s team decided to report the strike activities of the teachers to the National Labour Commission for redress which led the strike to proceed till the end of the week when a court injunction was issued on the teachers to call the strike off.

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7. The point therefore is, the understanding of the GNAT president that the engagement would be concluded the following ended up being a set-up by government to pull a fast one on the teachers by taking the issue to National Labour Commission.

8. The GNAT president might therefore would be attending the remaining engagements as a wounded lion who does not trust his counterparts, allegedly.

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