GNAT President Rev. Isaac Owusu Open To Discussion On Expansion Of GNAT Delegates. Let’s Support Him

Only about 600 delegates currently attend the GNAT National Delegates Congress (NDC) to take crucial decisions for all GNAT members, translating into about 0.02% for a membership of about 300,000.

Rev. Isaac Owusu, in addressing a group of delegates towards the last delegates, where he was elected GNAT President, made his position known on the matter of expanding the electoral college, especially concerning all GNAT members having the chance to vote.

In the lead up to the last GNAT National Delegates Congress, most aspirants to various positions made their position known with respect to the expansion of the total number of delegates who take part in decision making for the union, especially at the national level. It was during one of Rev. Isaac Owusu’s meeting with delegates in the central region where he made his position clear that he is open to discussion on the need to expand the number of delegates at any level in GNAT, especially at the national level, when he was questioned by some of the delegates regarding the activity of a group, Amend GNAT Constitution, requesting voting rights for all GNAT members. Click here to join the One Telegram Platform for ALL GNAT MEMBERS

It is the expectation of the group, which now calls itself GNAT-National because of its appeal and popularity, that Dr. Isaac Owusu will warmly receive or initiate any suggestions for the expansion of the electoral college in GNAT after winning his election.

Rev. Owusu will also need the support and suggestions from the GNAT structure to initiate an expansion of the electoral college in GNAT. It is, however, the fear of the ordinary GNAT members that the GNAT structure will be resistant to change, the reason the group of ordinary GNAT members have indicated they are ready to repeat their activities towards achieving voting rights for school reps in multiple cycles of four years GNAT Congress until they achieve their goal.

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