GNAT-MTN Cheap Data Deal For Teachers: You Could Be Paying 35% More Than Existing MTN Data Package

There Is An Existing Internet Data Plan From MTN Cheaper Than What GNAT Has Negotiated For.

Teachers will be paying about thirty-five per cent more on the new negotiated internet data from MTN compared with an existing internet data package from the same MTN.

While it can be easy to determine one item as cheap, affordability of the said cheap item may not be easy to classify as such

The report, as established, was that there is a new deal negotiated by GNAT Ashanti Regional Secretariat to offer 10GB of internet data to GNAT members in the region, though the deal could be open to teachers from other regions, at a cost of Ghc25.00. This cost of Ghc25.00 for 10GB translates to an average of Ghc2.50 per 1GB (Ghc25 ÷ 10GB).

It must, however, be noted that there is an existing internet data plan from MTN at a cost of Ghc399.00 for 216GB. The average cost on this existing plan would translate to about Ghc1.85 per 1GB (Ghc399 ÷ 216GB).

In comparing the cost of data of the new internet data plan negotiated, Ghc2.50 per 1GB, to the existing internet data plan on the same MTN network, which is Ghc1.85 per 1GB, it will be realised that the new plan is more expensive by about Ghc0.65 (that is Ghc2.5 – ghc1.85 = Ghc0.65).

In percentage terms, the new plan is more expensive by about thirty-five per cent (35%). That is (0.65 ÷ 1.85) x 100% = 35%.

The implication, therefore, is that teachers will be paying 35% more than one of the existing internet data plans on MTN. The question, however, is whether teachers will be willing to use an amount of Ghc399.00 to purchase 216GB of internet data, which is non-,expiring even beyond a year, at a time. It also means that teachers will now have a second option to spend less on the internet through the new negotiated plan, if they are unable to optimise their chances with the best option.

The conclusion, however, is that the new negotiated package being offered teachers is more of a loan to the teacher where he or she has to pay a 35% Interest on it.

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