GNAT Headquarters Report GNAT-National Leader To National Security.

Teaser: A messenger from GNAT headquarters was sent to query and inform the leader at school about his report to the national security in the presence of a member of the leader’s school administration. Find out the details. The messenger requested everyone to record the engagement, possible for reporting back with primary data

The leader of a group of ordinary GNAT members, who have decided to form one national social media platform for ALL GNAT MEMBERS to liaise with well-meaning GNAT executives for reforms in GNAT, has found himself in hot waters for a reason that may seem unimaginable, but, important to GNAT executives, especially National executives. Click here to join ALL GNAT MEMBERS on Telegram

The leader of the movement was allegedly reported to National security for using a feature image to accompany an article he wrote inviting members of GNAT to join the One Telegram platform, which can host 200,000 members, for easy coordination and unification of the voices of GNAT members towards impending reforms. Click here to join ALL GNAT MEMBERS on Telegram

The image which was the bone of contention is a GNAT Logo with job vacancies inscribed on it. It apparently might have been used by GNAT to advertise for jobs in the past and was downloaded by the leader of the volunteers. The argument expressed by the largest teachers union in Ghana, which celebrated it’s 90th year in January this year, 2022, is that the feature image used rather means the volunteers were adverting for Jobs in GNAT of which they know nothing about and means that the article which has a very clear title and body is organising a fraud recruitment scheme. The reason an institution which has opened several vacancies in the past with adverts in the media should not have make, since even their own job adverts or any fraud adverts must have clear mode of application and other job application details. It is also surprising that an image accompanying a story with clear heading and body is considered more as the message sent out than the written details to teachers.

This is the downloaded image

Apart from coming to inform the leader of volunteers at school about his report to national security, the messenger, who is the local GNAT Chairman, disclosed his senders as the national executives of GNAT, who gave the instructions to regional executives and who in turn gave orders to the district chairman to act in their stead. The district Chairman, who was called by the volunteer for first-hand information and reasons, confirmed the chain of instructions and successfully reported back in that order, he revealed.

The volunteers, who believed they are advocating for the greater good of members and would need the same GNAT executives to reform GNAT in favour of ordinary members, had to request the publishers to change the feature image due to other phone calls being received and also to avoid unnecessary confrontation with the national executives of GNAT.

The Volunteers believed the rate at which fellow GNAT members were joining the one Telegram platform for ALL GNAT MEMBERS, that was over 2,000 members joined the group within 8 hours, could be the reason for the intimidating tactics to suppress the desire of the ordinary GNAT members, at least for a little longer. Click here to join ALL GNAT MEMBERS on Telegram

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