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Its Official | GNAT Cancer Fund Benefits After Retirement Disclosed

Apart from being a unified voice for workers, labour unions put together welfare schemes in various forms. One of such welfare schemes is the cancer fund set up by the Ghana National Association of Teachers in the country. The cancer fund since it’s inception has gone through some reforms and increases in contributions. Though the increase in the fund’s contributions is argued that it will improve the GNAT Cancer fund benefits, notably after retirement of members, it was not officially disclosed to members when the benefits after retirement would start.

The good news about GNAT Cancer fund benefits after retirement is officially disclosed. In an official advert by the association on TV3 to promote GNAT hour, a program to showcase the union, the general secretary of GNAT, Mr. Thomas Tanko Musah, has disclosed that effective this year, members of the Ghana National Association of Teachers who retire will be qualified to benefit from cancer treatment for free at the cancer treatment center.

This news is undoubtedly a good one, since cancers mostly appear at advanced ages. Treatment of cancer is equally very expensive and could easily wipe away the meagre pension payments retirees receive. Retirees can at least save on the cost of cancer treatment and channel the pension funds to other areas of life.

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Related benefits for members

In the same TV promotion, all GNAT members are expected to have a chance to attend workshops or courses at the professional development center that is put together by the Ghana National Association of Teachers for the purposes of continuous professional development.

It must be noted that the Ghana National Association of Teachers, apart from being the largest teachers’ union in the country, has four different types of loans for its members.

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