G.E.S Rule That Is Arguably Meant For Headteachers, Office Holders And Teachers Who Are Social Media Influencers Like Teacher Kwadwo

Teaser 1: Teacher Kwadwo could easily have been dealt with using a rule in the Ghana Education Service code of conduct for staff.

Teaser 2: You will no longer be surprised about heads of school, especially senior high school headmasters, when they are unable to voice out any challenge facing their level of education.

Teaser 3: these particular rules are worse than a military decree.

Teaser 4: the nature of the rule is the reason it could, however, not be applied to teacher Kwadwo. The nature of the rule is rather good to serve as a scare crow for higher-ranked staff of Ghana Education Service who have something to protect and not teacher Kwadwo.

There are particular rules for Ghana Education Service staff, as contained in it’s code of conduct, that are possibly meant to gag staff of Ghana Education Service who may be vocal and/or people who may be frustrated by the inability of their employer to provide an adequate work environment or materials for them to work. These rules are captured under the subheading, PUBLICATIONS, of the code of conduct. The third (3) point under the subheading will marvel any freedom of speech advocate.

From an observer’s point of view, these rules should not find their way into a public service workplace in the 21st century. The rules states the following:


1. No staff shall give unauthorized press interviews or releases, especially those bordering on policy matters of the organisation.

2. The paragraph (1) does not affect members who are required, as part of their official duties, to edit any paper, or subscribe articles thereto.

3. Where a member gives lectures which are related to matters of policy of the Ghana Education Service, the Director General or his or her representative shall be consulted and his or her approval obtained through the officer’s head of department.

The question well meaning Ghanaians will ask is what happens when the approving authority disagree with the policy position of the staff who is scheduled to deliver the public lecture.

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