Fraud Alert From American Embassy

      Whether you have ever been defrauded or not, it is in everyone’s interest to know some of the schemes.

      The US embassy provides a solution/guide to avoiding the latest fraud scheme designed by fraudsters using the US embassy’s name. The scheme may be too good to ignore. It

      It is in the interest of students, teachers, nurses and all other categories of people to be on guard against the latest fraud scheme. This fraud scheme is very elaborate but effective because of the pseudo-name used in the scheme, the US embassy.

      In the fraud alert released by the American embassy in Ghana on the 6th of April, 2022, the US embassy said people, mostly ‘students, have received phone calls claiming to be from EducationUSA or the US Embassy offering scholarships to study in the United States in exchange for a down payment’. One way of identifying fraudulent scholarships, as echoed by the US Embassy, is the request for payment before application or benefits.

      The Embassy has emphasized they do not request money before applicants can apply for any scholarship and urged the public to develop the habit of verifying critical information from verified sources before taking decisions.

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