FORCES, MOTION And PRESSURE Obj (Q1-10): Integrated Science Current WASSCE Questions

Integrated Science Current WASSCE Past Questions: Forces, Motion And Pressure Objective Questions (2017-2019)

I) Questions that occur multiple times means they were repeated over the period under consideration

II) Candidates are expected to spend 50 seconds on each objective question. Candidates are therefore required to spend between 8-9minutes on these 10 questions. Start work now!!

1. The motion of gas particle is an example of
A. Circular motion
B. Rectilinear motion
C. Rotational motion
D. Random motion

2. A car mass 700kg moves on a level ground with an acceleration of 5ms-2. Determine the force used
A. 140 N
B. 350 N
C. 705 N
D. 3500 N

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3. A motor cyclist covers equal displacements in equal time intervals. He is travelling at
A. Uniform speed
B. Uniform acceleration
C. Uniform velocity
D. Uniform declaration

4. The center of gravity of a body is
A. Always at its center
B. A point where it’s total mass is always concentrated
C. Always at the end
D. A point where it can be supported to be in equilibrium

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5. The area occupied by box placed on a table is 2.0 m2. If the box exerts a pressure of 50 pa on the table, calculate the mass of the box. [g = 10 ms-2]
A. 2.5 kg
B. 10.0 kg
C. 100.0 kg
D. 1000.0 kg

6. Which force is greatly reduced when a lubricant is applied to the moving parts of an engine
A. Gravitational force
B. Frictional force
C. Magnetic force
D. Centripetal force

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7. A balloon inflated with hydrogen gas will rise in air because
A. It is weightless
B. There is no upthrust on it
C. The upthrust on it is more than its wight
D. The air will carry it forward

8. The purpose of a seatbelt in a vehicle is to
A. Enable the user jump to safety during accident
B. Prevent speeding by the driver
C. Enable the driver negotiate bends at high speed without causing accident
D. Prevent the user from being thrown forward on a sudden stop

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9. Which of the following statements about the pressure in liquids is correct? Pressure
A. Decreases with temperature
B. Is constant
C. Increases with depth
D. Is different at points at the same depth

10. What is the unit for momentum
A. Kgm3
B. Kgms-1
C. Kgms-2
D. ms-1

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1. D
2. D
3. C
4. D
5. B

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6. B
7. C
8. D
9. C
10. B

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