FDA Announced Suspected falsified Antimalarial Drug on Ghana Market |Find out the Drug Here

      FDA Announced Suspected falsified Antimalarial Drug on Ghana Market |Find out the Drug Here

      Malaria is pandemic in our setting, so people are taking the opportunity to dupe people with fake Antimalaria drugs. There is currently a falsified malaria drug I

      A communique which was released by Food and Drug Authority indicates that there is a Falsified Antimalarial Drug on the Ghanaian market. The communique reads, The food and Drugs Authority ( FDA), as part of its market surveillance activities, wishes to bring to the attention of health workers and the public, the presence of falsified ( counterfeit) Antimalaria drug COMBIART Tablets ( Artemether Lumefantrine 20/120 on our markets. Samples of this drug from the northern region did not contain any of the two pharmaceutical ingredients stated on the label hence they can be classified as falsified.

      Details of the drugs are as follows

      Batch number:7225119

      Manufacturing date:03/ 2021

      Expire Date: 02/ 2024

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      Manufacturer: Strides Arcolab Ltd.

      NAFDAC registration:A4 – 6700

      The FDA therefore wishes to inform health workers and the public to be on the lookout and report to the authority the presence of this particular Antimalaria drug, Combiart tablet with the aforementioned details.

      This information needs to be taken serious because there are dangers of consuming fake drugs.

      Fake drugs may contain toxic doses of dangerous substances which can cause mass poisoning, kill or harm you even if you don’t take them yourself. The fake drugs on the market contain the wrong ingredients, low doses or high doses of the right drug and you don’t know the consequences of consuming low or high doses of such ingredients.  Fake drugs consumption can cause organ damage and even death.

      It’s advisable to visit a health facility when you are not feeling well or in case you buy a drug from the pharmacy shop, read more about the drug before you start to consume it to avoid any future consequences.

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