Effect of Anxiety in Pregnancy on Fetus and its Management

      Effect of Anxiety in Pregnancy on Fetus and its Management

      It’s every woman’s wish to one day get pregnant and become a parent to an adorable baby. A lot of emotional changes occur during pregnancy, and some may catch you off guard. Some become marvellous and excited about their body changes and kicking of the baby. But it’s different for some pregnant women too. Some experience severe fatigue, constant worry, irritability, mood changes and mood swings. And as the months pass on, your thoughts gradually become out of control and this affects your relationship with your co-workers, family and friends as well. But what do you know about the effect of anxiety in pregnancy on fetus and management? Every pregnant woman must know this to avoid any serious complications in pregnancy.

      Some Causes of Anxiety in Pregnancy

      1. Hormonal changes

      2. Worrying about a heartbreaking miscarriage

      3. The pain you will go through during delivery

      4. How the baby will affect your relationship with family and friends.

      5. The additional responsibility and expenses to you and your spouse

      6. The health of the child.

      Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety in Pregnancy

      1. Rapid heartbeat

      2. Panic attacks

      3. Difficulty sleeping

      4. Feeling dread

      5. Irritability

      6. Restlessness

      7. Difficulty concentrating

      8. Muscle tension

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      Effect of anxiety on the fetus

      1. Low birth weight

      2. Preterm delivery

      3. Small head circumference which is related to the size of the baby’s brain

      4. Minor congenital malformation

      Management of Anxiety in Pregnancy

      1. Ensure adequate sleep

      2. Engage in physical activities if it’s safe for you. Talk to your doctor about it first.

      3. Write down your worries. This may help you brainstorm some solutions and enable you to pay attention to your concerns.

      4. Practice mindfulness

      5. Schedule worry time. We worry because we do not want to let go or forget something. Schedule about 30 – 40 minutes each day to think about things that worry you. This will free you from worrying throughout the day.


      Anxiety in pregnancy can be dangerous to fetus as it has a great effect on the fetus brain. Learn the effect. of anxiety in pregnancy on Fetus and it’s Management to avoid any complications.


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      Reference: www. Health.Harvard.edu

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