Education Watch CEO Wonders How The Employer Will Convince Teachers To Rescind Their Strike

In a reaction by Ghana Education Service to parents remaining calm amidst teachers’ strike action, the Chief Executive Officer of Africa Education Watch, Kofi Asare, is wondering how the employer will convince the teachers to return to work with few observations and happenings in the country.

On the timing of the engagement initiated by Ghana Education Service, Kofi Asare queried ‘is the employer now engaging teacher unions on the demands they started issuing statements on as far back as February?’

On the justification of the demand by teachers, Kofi Asare said ‘there is justification for COLA, in view of the worsening economic conditions’. However, he also claimed ‘there is also ample information suggesting the government may be broke’.

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The challenge now is ‘how to convince the Teacher Unions that the government is truly broke, at a time it is busily constructing a $400m church’. The man who monitors the education space in the country admitted there is enough money in the country. However, governments have their own priorities, which are mostly political. He concluded by saying ‘may the employer and employee find common ground to build consensus for teachers to resume soonest’. A statement on his Facebook wall revealed.

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