Education Directorate Imposed Transfer Or No Salary Directive In 5th Week

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Education Directorate Imposed Transfer Or No Salary Directive In 5th Week

An open letter by a concerned teacher in one of the districts in the Western Region sought to question the rationale behind a mass transfer of teachers in a 5th week of the term and academic year. The concerned teacher also questioned the basis for the district directorates disregarding the authority of the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service, who issued a directive for all transfers in the region to be suspended until certain modalities are out in place. The district directorates, according to the concerned teacher issued, a transfer or no salary notice to the affected teachers who are supposedly being transferred. The open letter by the concerned teacher read:


With reference to the circular above and dated 1st February 2023 and reference
number GES/HRMD/SEC/23/01, it clearly states that all internal transfers are to be
put on hold until modalities concerning transfers are reviewed. Jomoro municipal, in the western region has decided to go contrary to this directive and given out transfer letters on 6th February 2023 imposing a transfer on teachers to move from their current post to schools in another community where they have to pay for their own transportation within the 5th week of the academic term without any consultation of the teachers involved, without any prior notice or transfer grant.

We can all attest to the fact that before 5th week of the first term teachers had
already made plans for the academic year, prepared their scheme of learning,
renewed their house rents among others as far as the well-being of the students are concerned.

Information gathered is that headteachers who received a call from the office concerning the reposting and refused to pay some monies in a form of bribe had their teachers taken from their school and those who paid had theirs maintained without considering how this will affect the school children. Now all affected headmasters are quiet for the fear of intimidation. However, some teachers with their PTA, Chiefs, and some Community elders went to the district office to raise concerns about the inconveniences that may arise as a result of the uninformed transfers but all had their request rejected and now have decided to move their distress to a higher authority since a communique has already been issued from the national office to put a hold on internal transfers.
I think this dilemma needs serious intervention and a timely review by repealing this transfer in Jomoro Municipal. We will please need you to release a communique and in your power instructing all affected teachers in Jomoro municipal western region to go back to their original post.

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THANK YOU. JOMORO Concerned Teachers. 0265307458

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