Early Warning Signs of Alcoholic Liver Cirhosis

Early Warning Signs of Alcoholic Liver Cirhosis

The liver is an organ found in the abdomen, beneath the diaphragm and on top of the abdomen. The liver is the largest abdominal organ which performs a lot of important functions. Each person has just one liver and so a liver transplant is very scarce even if one can afford to do a liver transplant, and there are so many causes of liver diseases, including alcohol. That’s why you need to know the early warning signs of alcoholic liver cirrhosis and know what to do in case you begin to have such signs and symptoms.

Some functions of the liver are

1. The liver produces a fluid called bile, which helps to digest fat and also remove waste substances from the body.

2. The liver filters the blood in the body and removes toxic substances such as drugs and alcohol.

3. The liver also regulates glucose or sugar levels in the body.

4. It stores vitamins, minerals, sugar and fat and distributes them to the body when needed.

5. The liver regulates blood clotting

6. It makes immune factors and removes bacteria from the bloodstream.

7. It clears billirubin from the blood.

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Alcoholic liver disease is damage to the liver and its functions as a result of alcohol abuse.

The liver detoxifies alcohol each time you consume alcohol.

Cirrhosis is scaring of the liver caused by either hepatitis or alcoholism.

The liver detoxifies alcohol, so anytime you consume alcohol, the liver has to work hard to detoxify it and get rid of it from your body. The more you consume alcohol, the more you put pressure on the liver to work harder to detoxify it. The frequency and longer of your alcohol consumption makes your liver to loss its tissues and these tissues are normally replaced by scars. So, the more you consume alcohol, the more your liver tissues are replaced by scars and, eventually, the liver losses its function and leads to liver cirrhosis and, eventually, liver cancer.

Signs and symptoms of liver cirrhosis

1. Itchiness

2. Nausea

3. Fatigue

4. Jaundice, that’s yellowish discoloration of the skin, palms and the white part of the eye.

5. Weight loss

6. Edema of the legs, feet or ankle

7. Confusion

8. Pale stool

9. Pain in the right upper region of your abdomen just beneath your ribs

10. Ascites( fluid buildup in your abdomen)

11. Easy bruising

Learn more about the early warning signs of alcoholic liver cirrhosis since the liver is not easy to transplant, since each person has just one liver so take good care of it, since alcoholic liver disease or cirrhosis is becoming common these days.

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