DIVERSITY OF LIVING AND NON-LIVING THINGS Obj (Q1-10): Integrated Science Current WASSCE Questions

      Integrated Science Current WASSCE Past Questions: DIVERSITY OF LIVING AND NON-LIVING THINGS Objective Questions (2012-2019)

      I) Questions that occur multiple times means they were repeated over the period under consideration

      II) Candidates are expected to spend 50 seconds on each objective question. Candidates are therefore required to spend between 8-9minutes on these 10 questions. Start work now!!

      1. Viruses can only multiply when they are present in
      A. Culture solution
      B. Living organisms
      C. Dead organism
      D. Sugary medium

      2. Which of the following kingdoms possesses vascular tissue
      A. Animalia
      B. Plantae
      C. Prokaryotes
      D. Protoctista

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      3. Comma-shaped bacteria are known as
      A. Bacilli
      B. Cocci
      C. Spirilla
      D. Vibros

      4. Bacteria belong to kingdom
      A. Animalia
      B. Fungi
      C. Prokaryotae
      D. Protoctista

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      5. Biodiversity is defined as
      A. Study of living things
      B. Variation in forms of life
      C. Classification of living things
      D. Living and non-living things in habitats

      6. Aristotle classification of living organisms was based on the
      A. Appearance and movement of the organisms
      B. Structural similarities and differences in the organisms
      C. Anatomical and histological differences in the organisms
      D. Evolutionary trend in the organisms

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      7. Which of the following organisms is regarded as both living and non-living
      A. Amoeba
      B. Bacteria
      C. Spirogyra
      D. Virus

      8. Which of the following scientist developed the binomial nomenclature for the clarification of living organisms
      A. Carolus Aristotle
      B. Linnaeus
      C. Mendeleev
      D. Robert Hooke

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      9. Bacteria are regarded as prokaryotae because they
      A. Have cell walls made up of cellulose
      B. Are unicellular organisms
      C. Do not have membrane-bound organelles
      D. Reproduce by reproducing gametes

      10. Which of the following animals is warm blooded
      A. Agama lizard
      B. Wall gecko
      C. Cockroach
      D. Mouse

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      1. B
      2. B
      3. D
      4. C
      5. B

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      6. B
      7. D
      8. B
      9. C
      10. D

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