Directors Snub GES Director-General | Power Play Quadrangle

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Directors Snub GES Director-General | Power Play Quadrangle

In what looks like a love triangle between three parties, it appears a simple directive by the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service is enjoying a quadrangle of power play. It is observed by a section of teachers that some directors snub GES Director-General by disregarding a simple directive of the boss of the Ghana Education Service.


It is a known fact that teachers’ unions and their members were against the appointment of the new Director-General of the Ghana Education Service. The teachers even have to embark on a nationwide industrial strike to force the hand of the government to revoke the appointment of the current Director-General. However, the government stood it’s ground to maintain Dr. Eric Nkansah as the new Director-General. Early this year, the government even confirmed his appointment as the substantive Director-General of the Ghana Education Service from his Acting role.


Interestingly, it appears the first major directive by the Director-General to his subordinates is being rejected by those he superintends over as their boss. The Director-General, in listening to and acting in a manner in favour of the classroom teacher, gave a directive to all regional directors to make sure all districts suspend any mass transfer of teachers until further. The directive was occasioned after a press conference released by the Western Regional branch of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) with respect to indiscriminate transfer of teachers in the region without recourse to transfer grants and other inconveniences. The quick response to the plight of the affected teachers was considered by many as an action never seen before, when the Director-General responded positively to the concerns raised by classroom teachers. The directive by the Director-General to address the issues raised has presented the new Director-General as positively different from previous Director-Generals.

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Directors snub GES Director-General

However, the positive action and directive has presented a case study of how firm the Director-General can be with respect to his own directives or positions. Especially when his immediate subordinates disregard and disrespect the directive given to them. This is because the education directorates, especially in the Western region, have disregarded and disrespected the directive of the Director-General to suspend all mass transfers in the region. The district directorates in the region are standing their grounds to engage in the mass transfer of teachers against the expectations of the teachers and also against the directive of the Director-General.


Another point of note is the disregard for the directive to suspend at the district level where regional directorates have immediate control but the regional directorate looks on while the Director-General’s directive is disregarded. Meanwhile, the directive by the Director-General to all directorates to suspend all mass transfers of teachers was channeled through the regional directors.


Our team will be monitoring the alleged quadrangle of power play in the directorate of the Ghana Education Service from the national, regional and district directorates as well as the teachers.

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