Dear Newly Posted Teacher, How To Locate Your School/ Community Posted To And Relevant Advice From Existing Teachers

      Dear Newly Posted Teacher, Ways To Locate Your School/ Community Posted To And Relevant Advice From Existing Teachers

      1. There are 3 easy ways to locate your school/ community

      a. A Ghana map from Google or from a diary is your first option. At least you can locate the district capital of where you are posted to from the Ghana map. You can locate your community in some cases.

      b. Google maps is your second option. Google maps can guide/ lead you to your community with ease. If you can’t use it, consult a friend who can use it.

      c. The third option is to wait. When visiting your district office to submit documents, you can collect the contact of your SISO (formerly circuit supervisor) and/or collect the contacts of your headteacher for guidance. Remember you will need accommodation and these two people can help find fitting accommodation for you.

      2. Secondly, as a young teacher, you will need the advice and guidance of older teachers to guide you to settle at your new station easily. Remember that apart from the content and methodology of the subjects you are going to teach, there are other aspects of the school environment that were not emphasized during your academic work. You must be guided to avoid creating unnecessary enemies for yourself out of your actions or words authored in good faith. Very soon, you will learn a common vocabulary in the teaching profession called victimisation.

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      3. Thirdly, you will need thorough advice on how to integrate into an indigenous community. Most environments, especially the rural areas, have conditions and perceptions that may be unfamiliar to people who have lived most of their lives in urban areas. Also, the relationship between a teacher posted to a community and the community members could become a source of an unwelcomed stay or a source of frustration.

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