Dear GCB Bank LTD 3 Complaints | Delayed Salary

Dear GCB Bank LTD 3 Complaints | Delayed Salary

Dear GCB Bank LTD 3 complaints from your customers seem to be taking ages to resolve. Even though the third issue is a latest one raising its ugly head, we do not want to wait for it to escalate before we escalate our complaints. Experiences with the first two issues are bitter enough. Moreover, the third issue which had to do with delayed crediting of salary accounts, especially for teachers, can not be allowed to repeat itself. Especially if the source of the delay is coming from your outfit directly and not from the employer.

Our dear GCB Bank LTD. we have remained with you all these years because we are generally loyal. However, our loyalty seems to be repaid with consistent defects in some aspects of your products. Unfortunately, those defective aspects of your operations affect a very large majority of your customers, if not all the customers.

A long, long time ago, our major concern was your ATM platforms. Your Automated Teller Machines seem to always be under maintenance or malfunction during the period salaries are paid. The days when A4 sheets with inscriptions indicating the machines were under maintenance are fresh in our minds. We believe the unavailability of your ATM machines contributes to absenteeism in the workplace. Frankly, with your introduction of mobile banking services and G-money service, the complaints have shifted to the availability of your mobile banking platform during the critical moments when we needed our funds. That is paydays.

When you introduced mobile banking and G-money services, there was a euphoria among workers, especially those who reside in the remote areas. The reason being that workers do not have to travel long distances to access their funds. However, the unavailability of the platform during the period salaries are paid has made the euphoria short-lived. We can not continue in the relationship this way. There are many other days in a month, but challenges on your electronic platforms appear to be pronounced during paydays.

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Finally, GCB Bank LTD, the lacuna we had last month when salaries were delayed before being credited to our accounts, should not be allowed to happen, especially when very smaller banks like rural banks were able to pay salaries relatively long ahead.

GCB Bank LTD. we hope the point is made clear enough. We love to see our indigenous institutions at the top, but not with the endurance of your customers.

We count on your cooperation to change your ways to continue serving us better.

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