Danger: The Scientific Reason Parents Do Not Allow Children To Blow Cooking Fire With Mouth

Parents always ensure there is a fan in the house to fan the cooking fire. Even for a short while, parents do not permit their wards to blow air on a cooking fire with the mouth. Parents may not be able to explain the scientific reason, but they definitely know, the act is harmful to the body. Learn and understand the scientific reason why it is dangerous to blow cooking fire with the mouth.

The same scientific explanation is the reason people must quickly exit rooms or apartments when there is a fire outbreak in the apartment.

Understand the science and consequences of such exposure to fumes to save your life or loved ones with your advice

Inhalation of smoke gases such as carbon monoxide or toxic vapours can be deadly. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas which is difficult to detect since it has no smell nor taste. Carbon monoxide is a chemical compound which is always present in smoke from exhaust pipes or vehicles, cigarette smoke, smoke from burning plastics, foams, cooking fuels etc.

When carbon monoxide is inhaled, it acts directly on red blood cells, preventing the red blood cells from carrying oxygen to body tissues. Since all body tissues require oxygen to survive and function well, a cut of oxygen to any body part or tissue will cause gangrene of the body part (that part will die). The brain cells cannot survive without oxygen for 4 to 5 minutes because the cells will die.

When carbon monoxide is inhaled in large quantities, it can quickly prove fatal. Also, lengthy exposure to fumes to a small amount of carbon monoxide due to a leakage of fumes or any other means may prove fatal as well.


Do not attempt to carry out a rescue if it is likely to put your own life at risk. Fumes that have built up in a confined space will quickly overcome anyone who is not wearing protective equipment. Everyone must therefore consider their safety first. Individuals should all endeavor to fix their exhaust pipes and stay away from smoke to keep healthy.

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