Criminals Can Use Your ATM Card Without PIN | BoG Provide Safety Measures

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      Criminals Can Use Your ATM Card Without PIN | BoG Provide Safety Measures

      Criminals can use your Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards even without your PIN associated with the card. The phenomenon, which is on the rise, has attracted the attention of the regulator, the Bank of Ghana, to issue a literacy campaign to educate the general public against the new trend. To the novice, it might look a bit weird that criminals can use your ATM card without PIN. However, to tech sawy individuals, it is regular news.


      In one of the episodes of the Bank of Ghana’s financial literacy on secure banking practices, the bank have provided a hint at what most people would consider an impossibility. That is the ability of criminals to use someone’s ATM card without a pin. Also, the bank has provided contact channels to which the general public can lodge a complaint about any banking related issue that their individual banks are unable to help resolve.


      BoG Statement

      In the statement released, the Bank of Ghana wrote: “the information on your card could be used by criminals/ fraudsters for transactions without your approval even if the PIN is unknown. Secure your cards”

      The statement concluded that “in case of complaints, contact the Bank of Ghana market conduct office” through;

      Phone: 0302665005

      WhatsApp: 0596912354 or 0501502270



      Facebook: @thebankofghana

      Twitter: @thebankofghana

      Physical address: 7th Floor, Cedi House, Accra


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      The general public is therefore advised and encouraged to protect their ATM cards at all times, even if they are sure no one can have access to their PIN.


      In a related development, some parents over trust their children with their ATM cards. This has led a lot of parents to send their wards on errands or shopping with the parents ATM card. This action mostly demand the parent must disclose their ATM card PIN to their children. The action of children having access to their parents or guardians ATM cards and PIN usually lead the child to attempt withdrawing money from the parents’ bank account. In other instances, the child could disclose the parent’s card details to his or her friends. The negative consequences of such actions are obvious.


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