CPD Points: Teachers Will Continue Wasting Money On Workshops For Points If They Do Not Log Into Their Teachers’ Portal

Teaser 1: what does evidence of co-curriculum activities that a teacher needs to upload to the NTC website have to do with a Ghc50 workshop for points?

Teaser 2: what does the upload of a recommendation from the head of an institution have to do with workshops?

Teaser 3: minutes of formal meetings are needed to be uploaded for points and not workshops

The truth is that, teachers will be doing themselves more harm chasing after workshops for points without logging into their teachers’ portal account to verify for themselves the various activities that needed to be done by a teacher to receive points for license renewal.

For example, a teacher is supposed to upload samples of his or her learners’ exercises to the NTC website for point. The guidelines in that section say, ‘you are scored the highest grade if your content follows these guidelines’. “Forty-five samples of learners’ work marked and graded within the 3-year period, showing comments.”

Another example is the need to upload a scheme of works for the three (3) cycle of the National Teaching Council license for renewal.

Also, an upload of evidence of participation in school-based activities is also required to obtain points.

And many more other requirements that have nothing to do directly with workshops. Visit educativenewsrom.com later for more disclosures about the NTC CPD points building.

Log in to your account on https://tpg.ntc.gov.gh/, press the three-short-line menu at the bottom left of the screen. Locate a ‘portfolio’ and press on it to scan through what really NTC wants from teachers for CPD points towards license renewal.

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