Counter: Teachers Do Not Want Easy Degrees

      Counter: Teachers Do Not Want Easy Degrees | They Are Determined Against Suppressive System

      Teachers do not want easy degrees. Teachers don’t want cheap ways to attain degrees. Instead, the system is designed to suppress the teachers’ quest for further education, the main reason for them opting for such degrees.

      If you enter the teaching service with a diploma and have to upgrade to a first degree, the system says until you do a specified number of years teaching, you would not be given the opportunity. Apart from that, even if you do such a specified number of years of teaching, you would still be frustrated in your quest for the privilege of further education. The opportunity for further students is awarded to just a handful of teachers.

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      We cannot also run away from the fact that you have to consider the intention of pursuing a second degree or doctorate is another one. For these degrees, GES is unwilling to give study leave with pay. Some heads of institutions will also frustrate the teachers who dare to. It must be noted that the few heads who will consent to the idea have to put mechanisms in place to cover up for you.

      The point is that teachers going for allegedly cheap degrees is a result of a system failure.

      It takes teachers who are extra and extremely careful to pursue a regular degree while still in post.

      Author: Justice Abusah

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