Complete List Of CPD Points Requirements For 100% CPD Points As Indicated By NTC

The license of Ghanaian teachers will have to be renewed every three (3) years after the teachers meet certain requirements, in the form of scoring a level of CPD points (Continuous Professional Development points) set by the regulator, National Teaching Council (NTC).

The minimum level of points required for the license renewal is, however, spread among various activities to be carried out by the teacher, of which most of those activities are routine/everyday duties of the teacher, while other activities demand some level of research by the teacher. Interestingly, only a subsection of one requirement has a direct need for a workshop for points. Below are all the nine (9) fields in the portfolio for teachers to complete for 100% CPD points for their license renewal.

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My teacher’s portfolio

1. Teaching philosophy

2. Evidence of work

a. summarise weekly tool for three years

b. sample learner’s exercises marked and graded

3. Learning plan

4. Scheme of learning

a. alignment of core competencies to curricular content

b. alignment of indicators to curricular indicators

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5. Reflective practice

6. Action research

7. Evidence of professional development

a. report on core competencies

b. write up on collaboration

c. record of training

d. recommendation for training

e. use of technology

8. Evidence of participation in school-based activities

a. evidence of in-service training workshops/CPD

b. report on core competencies from the mentor

c. minutes of formal meetings attended

d. head teacher’s recommendation

e. mentors’ comment

9. participation in co-curriculum activities.

Teachers are therefore adviced to log in to their account on NTC website to have a first hand information on the status of their accounts.

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