Cheap Data Bundle Offered By MTN To Teachers: 5 Key Clarifications To Seek Before Signing Up To Avoid Possible Inconveniences Later

Teachers have been offered a good deal from MTN to provide 10GB of internet data for Ghc25.00 monthly.

Though the deal can be described as ground breaking to offer cheaper internet data to teachers, five (5) key clarifications must be obtained by individuals before signing up for the deal to prevent any complicated inconveniences in the future.

The first key clarification that must be provided is whether the payments of Ghc25.00 will be deducted direct from payroll or from a bank or from momo wallet. The reason teachers must be cleared on the mode of payment is to guide the teacher about the potential complications that may arise if the signed up teacher decided to quit the deal. Government workers are very conversant with issues that arise whenever they want to stop any deductions that originate from payroll.

The second issue that must be made known to teachers is whether the internet data provided for every month will expire in that month. This information will also guide teachers who use minimal data on a monthly basis but could need heavy data in particular months, to make informed decisions.

The third issue that must also be clarified is whether the internet data offered will expire the following month after a signed up member decides to quit the deal, especially if the data provided does not expire after every month.

Another issue that must concern teachers is whether the daily usage of the internet bundle offered will be limited at the operator (MTN) level. The operator has the ability to limit the quantity of data that can be used per day, just like they do for mid-night data etc. It will therefore be appropriate for the deal to be clear on the issue of whether the operator will limit daily usage.

The other issue also is whether the speed of downloads and uploads will be the same as the general market subscriptions. Since the operator equally has the ability to limit the speed of usage, it will be good for informed decision making for the operator or collaborator to pre-inform the teachers about the speed of usage.

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