Over 1,500 GNAT Members Join More Than 10,000 Colleagues Within 48 Hours To Demand Voting Rights For Their School Reps To Elect Their National Executives.

Point of view from new entrants

1. The penchant of GNAT to increase membership dues at will, using about 0.02% of total membership in the name of delegates, must stop: by Nana, an ardent advocate of electoral college expansion in GNAT and a GNAT executive.

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2. GNAT mutual fund must be in the position to grant a one-time interest-free loan to members who have been in the union for more than 10 years; Observed by Mohamed Awal, a GNAT executive from the Upper West Region who feels suggestions that could greatly benefit ordinary members of GNAT are rejected by the GNAT system.

3. GNAT promised at their last National Delegates Congress in January 2022 to refund, in February 2022, interest that was paid by teachers on a loan that was taken by the government to finance 1T1L. However, there is no sign of the refund as at May 2022: by Lawrence, an aspirant of 2nd National Trustee at the last delegates congress.

3. There is virtually no system in place to hold any GNAT executive accountable with respect to the current system and the earlier the ordinary members of GNAT come together at least on Telegram, which can take 200,000 members to demand reforms, the better for all teachers, especially those who have a few years to retire. Since an effective and efficient GNAT can help them gain a better ”best three years’ salary”, which is used in calculating a pension.

A group of progressive GNAT members who are not ready to exit GNAT for another teachers’ union but prefer to stay and cause a change in GNAT for the good of GNAT members and teachers in general is gaining momentum after more than one thousand five hundred (1,500) new members have joined their colleagues on Telegram and Whatsapp platforms that were hosting over ten thousand members earlier. The group’s Telegram page alone saw a massive increase from 5,000 members to over 6,300 members within 48 hours of the news that the group had reached over 10,000 members on their social media platforms.

The group which is aiming to use the same GNAT system (Local to National) to correct the GNAT system says they are not against any GNAT executive either at national level or regional level or district level or local level and/or school reps. The group rather want to mobilize ordinary GNAT members as change agents while exerting external pressure in the form of popular support from the ordinary members to cause relevant changes in GNAT. All GNAT members are therefore encouraged to join their colleague GNAT members from across the country on Telegram with this link. Click here to join the group on Telegram

Apart from mobilizing ordinary GNAT members and willing GNAT executives for the agenda, the group also intends to use processes outside the GNAT structure for causing a change that produces better accountability, efficiency and effectiveness, to ensure a twin effect is felt on GNAT, which will make it not have any choice than to accept change.

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