Breaking News: A Group Of Over 10,000 GNAT Members Want Voting Rights For All Their School Reps To Elect GNAT Executives Including National Executives.

The group, which is very organised and focused, has 16 regional whatsapp platforms for GNAT members in every region (locate the whatsapp link to your region at the bottom) purposely for the agenda to get voting rights for their school reps and to help address other petinent issues in GNAT including interest on GNAT loans, automatic increase in mutual fund deductions when disbursing loans, use of teachers’ pension funds for questionable contracts, delay in the refund of interest that was paid by teachers on a loan taken by government to finance one-teacher-one-laptop, delay in the distribution of the 1T1L to all teachers in the country, cancer fund issues etc.

The group with over 5,000 members on Telegram alone from across the country (Click here to join GNAT MEMBERS who are asking for voting rights for school reps, on Telegram) is currently collating district volunteers for all 216 regions in Ghana to coordinate school reps in their districts.

The group believes forming a new union is not the solution to GNAT’s inefficiency and ineffectiveness.

They believes that in the absence of one unified pre-tertiary teacher union, GNAT is the last option to safe guard the benefits and dignity of the teaching fraternity.

The group believes that a greater participation of GNAT’s members, like the school reps, in fundamental decision makings especially the election of national officers, will solve most complains of GNAT’s members and teachers in general.

Purpose of the group as observed on their platforms.

Purpose Of The Group, GNAT NATIONAL.

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Our main purposes are

A.) to fight for GNAT school reps and/or GNAT local executives to have voting rights to elect all GNAT executives, including National executives, if all GNAT members can not get the chance. Unlike the current situation where only about 600 national delegates elect national executives for a union of over 300,000 membership. Translating into 0.02% of members taking the decision for 100% of members. For example, in the case of political party executives, they are voted by their polling station executives. For UTAG, even key issues must be endorsed by everyone.

B.) to fight other issues like interest on GNAT loans, automatic increase in mutual fund to qualify for amount, disclosure of annual percentage gain on mutual fund, cancer fund issue, use of our tier 2 pension funds for questionable contracts, one-teacher-one-laptop and its related issues etc.

C.) provide a common platform to unite our voices, unlike complaining in our individual schools.

We intend to achieve this goal within eight (8) years or less or even within months. How?

1. Medium term result: Results within two to four years

a.) For this reason, if our only action is to fight for all school reps or all GNAT local executives to be part of the voting college or delegates to elect our National executives, it would be appropriate that our members become school reps at all levels.

b.) Do you know all S.H.S reps are GNAT delegates at GNAT Local level up to Regional Conferences?

If we get our members to become school reps at all/most SHS, we can count on them to vote for whatever our resolutions may be during the next regional conferences and National congress.

c.) School reps are to serve a maximum of 4 years (two terms of 2 years each). And so members can comfortably request school rep elections without any fear, especially when the current rep has exhausted his or her 4-year mandate.

2. Long term result: Results within four to eight years

Before Ghana’s independence, it was a battle between ‘independence now’ and ‘independence in the near possible future’. In the case of an intention of causing a change in GNAT, similar egoes would play out. Even if we fail to secure voting rights for school reps or local executives within the first four years, we will start the process all over for the next four years even though we are confident in achieving our goal within the first four years by looking at all the strategies we have.

3. Short term result: Results within months:

Even successfully creating our sixteen (16) regional GNAT platforms purposely for GNAT activities could send a signal to the hierarchy about how to act on our behalf going forward.

4. It must be noted that we are not against any GNAT executive, either at national level or regional or district or local, or as school rep. In fact, we believe GNAT National executives are vulnerable and governments over the years have considered them weak because governments over the years do not have the sense or believe that GNAT National executives feel threatened by their members, since we all care less about GNAT activities and not taking active part in GNAT’s activities. Our ultimate goal is to make GNAT vibrant, effective and efficient and not against any executive or group of executives.

5. As you may have observed, all administrators for each region include at least 2 GNAT volunteers/members in their respective regions. We are a group that presented a petition to GNAT NATIONAL Delegates Congress but our petition was turned down because of technicalities. We therefore need to re-organise for the resolutions to be approved.

Thank you

By: GNAT NATIONAL Volunteers Nationwide


1. Below are the links to our 16 regional Whatsapp platforms and one telegram for over 5,000 members.

2. Every member is required to belong to only one regional platform.

3. Anyone found on multiple platforms will be removed from all whatsapp platforms.

4. Members are randomly verified whether they are on multiple common platforms with the admins especially those who send messages to the platforms. Don’t join more than one platform and can not send messages to our platforms. We need everyone’s input.

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