BECE Placement: 1500 Single-Digit Candidates Missed First Choice Schools | Options

      BECE Placement | Over 1500 Single-Digit Candidates Missed First Choice Schools | Options

      There are indications of how competitive it is for BECE candidates to be placed in their preferred schools. Candidates for the Basic Education Certificate Examination are required to be placed in their preferred Senior High Schools in the country after their results are released by the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC). The BECE placement has always generated controversies regarding the fairness in the process of placements. This year’s placement is no exception to the controversies.

      An investigative journalist, Manaseh Azuri, has uncovered deep-rooted corruption schemes in the placement process, especially using the protocol placement category. Some parents are ready to pay as much as twenty thousand Ghana cedis (Ghc20,000) to have their wards placed in certain schools. The readiness for such parents to pay bribes for the placement of their wards is also considered the main reason the placement process is full of corruption. However, how some wards, who obtain single-digit aggregates, feel entitled to be placed in certain schools is also considered to be the reason some parents, who can afford it, would want to pay for their wards to attend such schools.

      The spokesperson for the Ghana Education Service, Mr. Kwasi Kwarteng, have disclosed that over one thousand five hundred (1,500) candidates missed out on their preferred first choice schools during last year’s placement. Mr. Kwarteng was speaking on Joynews’ Newsfile program on Saturday 4th February 2023.

      The spokesperson for the Ghana Education Service, however, disclosed the solution they have available for this year’s placement processes. Mr. Kwarteng informed Samson, the host of the show, that the service has introduced a cluster system of placement, where candidates who could not get their first choice first choice schools are considered for another school in the same category before being considered for the lower category of school chosen.

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      Since every initiative will likely come with its own challenges, we will be monitoring how successful this particular initiative will become in this year’s placement.

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