Bad Decisions That Could Harm Your Pregnancy

Bad Decisions That Could Harm Your Pregnancy

It is not easy trying to conceive. Some people get pregnant without effort, others have to wait for months, years and some have to go through several examinations, surgeries to be put on medication and go through IVF. Some might end up getting a surrogate or adopting because everything they tried failed.

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If you are able to get pregnant, please take good care of the baby you are carrying and make good decisions. Many babies have died because of the decisions their mothers took.

There are many herbal treatments and drinks going around on social media to be used during pregnancy. Some people are posing as doctors and recommending these to vulnerable women.

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One thing you should know is that no good doctor or midwife will ask you to use these things, especially during pregnancy. Please be careful what medical advice you take. Herbal treatments are never recommended during pregnancy.

If you use these herbs and lose your pregnancy, you might never forgive yourself or get over the pain of losing a child. You will never know how painful it is until you have been there.

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If you conceive, always make sure you do well to see a doctor or a midwife for the best treatment, because they are the rightful people to take care of you and the baby you are carrying.

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