Application For Car Maintenance Allowance Opens (Including Motorbike And Bicycle Maintenance) For GES Staff | Short Deadline

Car Maintenance Allowance

Application For Car Maintenance Allowance Opens (Including Motorbike And Bicycle Maintenance) For GES Staff | Short Deadline

This year’s window for the application for car maintenance allowance has been opened for the staff of Ghana Education Service (GES). The Ghana Education Service staff who have vehicles, motorcycles and/or bicycles have the opportunity to apply for an allowance to aid the maintenance of their vehicles.


Highlights from the notice of application for car maintenance allowance

1. The notice calling for the application for the car maintenance allowance as well as for the motorcycle and bicycle was first observed in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region.

2. The district education directorate announced Wednesday 22nd March 2023 as the deadline for the application to reach the District Director of Education to enable the district directorate to process the documents for onward forwarding to the region and national

3. It is, therefore, considered that the 22nd March is the deadline for all districts in the country in a few days. Contact your district office to avoid losing out.

4. The notice from the North Tongu District office of the Ghana Education Service to staff read: All Institution Drivers and Artisans as well as Senior Officers from the Rank of Principal Superintendent, who received Approval Letter from the Ministry of Finance for the payment of Car, Motorbike and Bicycle Maintenance Allowance should apply for their various allowances



The reason for the late notice is yet to be known. However, the Ghana Education Service has a history of demanding information from staff on short notice. Therefore, some schools of thought will consider the short notice of this announcement as a normal phenomenon. Such a school of thought may as well believe other districts may not have even given out the information yet.

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Your district

Even though the notice for qualified staff to apply for car, motorcycle and bicycle allowance is given by the North Tongu District, it is considered that other districts in the country are equally expected to receive and collate such applications for onward forwarding. Staff from other districts are therefore encouraged to enquire from their district offices about the status of application for car maintenance allowance as well as motorcycle and bicycle allowance in their districts. A further delay could deny you the opportunity to access this allowance.

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