Anthony Boateng And His Retired Colleagues Versus GNAT And Other Teacher Unions [The showdown]

Anthony Boateng And His Retired Colleagues Versus GNAT And Other Teacher Unions [The showdown]


1. Anthony Boateng, the Deputy Director-General, Administration, and other Directors of Education within Ghana Education Service were given contract extensions to stay on even after two (2) years into their retirement.

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2. The uproar against such a decision, within the staff of the Ghana Education Service, received one of the weakest defense arguments suggesting that such personnel could not be replaced if they were to pass-on on-the-job

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3. Then came the almighty Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) and their younger sister unions, NAGRAT and CCT, giving an ultimatum of 30th September for staff members of Ghana Education Service to disregard any directive from bosses on post-retirement.

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4. With the 30th September deadline fast approaching, the question remains about the options of the teacher unions if such post-retirement personnel refuse to vacate their post and/or the employer refuses to revoke the contract given to such directors.

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5. Though the teacher unions have already given out the first line of action for their members to disregard directives issued by these post-retirement bosses, the question is, will subordinates have the guts to actually disregard the directives from their bosses, especially the minister of education given their stern indication that labour unions can not determine who the employer hires.

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6. The showdown between the teacher unions, the post-retirement bosses and the employer with respect to what the end game will be like is scheduled for the 30th of September, 2022.

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7. Will the union leadership become the barking dog which can not bite or the barking of the employer will scare the unions?

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8. With the showdown on the 30th, follow us to update yourself about the endgame.

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