Allergies [Hay Fever]

Allergies [Hay Fever]

An allergy is a reaction by the body (immune system) to certain substances, such as food, animal fur, some plants, dust, odour etc

It is ideal to understand the causes, symptoms and first-aid management of allergies.

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The symptoms are:

Continual sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, ears, throat and skin, and the presence of clear liquid mucous.


It’s been found in some cases that the allergy is due to an inflammation produced in the tissues by some type of bacteria or staphylococcus that continues to irritate (inflame) this area. The tissues become very sensitive to particular strains of dust, pollen, odours, etc. The allergy is a response by the body (immune system), and not an illness on its own.

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An allergy is a reaction produced mainly by pollen, hay, grass, dogs, cats, dust, food, or strong odours like those from certain hair spray or perfumes.

In some cases, allergic reaction to foods, especially from certain canned foods, sausages, seafood, etc, can reach toxic levels.

For the most part, allergies are hereditary.

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Suggested first aid:

One has to identify what things he or she is allergic to, and avoid them as best as possible.

A healthy, well nourished body is more resistant to allergies.

You should quit smoking, avoid alcohol, chocolate, coffee, citrus fruits, canned food, etc, as well as dust and family pets since their fur is a major cause of allergies.

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