A Wise Advice To Newly Posted Teachers From An Experienced Teacher

An audio recording of a senior teacher who also went through the ordeal of teaching without a salary for many months has surfaced online where he was heard advising young graduates, who have been teaching without salaries for many months, in a way that the young teachers will not overburden themselves without having an issue with their school managers or heads.

This advise which is likely to be adhere to by the newly posted could be another reason why the salaries of these new staff must be worked on with speed.

Starting work as a public school teacher comes mostly with a lot of financial challenges, since salaries take mostly more than six months to be paid. Young graduates had to continue to live as students depending on family members to survive their initial life as a public sector worker.

Apart from the financial challenges the new teachers face, they are also likely to have issues with their headteachers due to the new teachers’ inability to perform their roles to their best as required by the headteachers.

The advice given by the senior teacher could be the reason for the findings by the government statistician that productivity in the country does not match salaries and wages, since the new teachers will be paid their salaries in full no matter the financial excuse given by the new teachers not to report to work.

The advice given was that ‘my only advice I will give to you, the newly posted teachers, is that when the headteacher and other teachers are talking, don’t gag them, don’t respond, don’t answer any question they are asking you. They will push you, they want you to work your hearts out, but nobody will even bother to say that he is going to find any means of getting your salaries coming.’


The advice continues, ‘when you wake up in the morning and you think that you are strong enough to go to school, fine, you can go and do it. If you think you are not, just advise yourself. You can say you are sick, don’t go to school, nobody will do anything to you.’ The teacher, who obviously might have experienced salary issues in the past, admonished the new teachers that managers of their school will ‘talk, talk and talk’ but new teachers should ‘listen to them and work according to your conscience.’

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