8 ways to make your brain sharper, smarter and fast

8 ways to make your brain sharper, smarter and fast

You can make your brain sharper, smarter and lightening fast. Arguably, everyone wants their brain to remember things whenever they need to. However, the brain can fail everyone in remembering things when it is needed the most. Fortunately, the brain can be trained to stay on top of its job of remembering things. Below are eight (8) ways to make your brain sharper and remember things faster.

1. Learn to see everything in terms of opinions and facts. You don’t need to spend hours reading if you understand what the author is trying to get across. Once you have the essence of the idea you’re good to go. This also proves well when learning. It’s always about the idea, never the way that is used to describe or to explain the idea.

2. Learn to condense information into a few words. Everything that can be said, can be said simply (Ludwig Wittgenstein). Meaning you take complex information and put it into key terms. Complex into simple. This way you learn to understand and understand well.

3. Whilst you learn, also train your language. Try to write out your thoughts every day. Get better at it, get quicker at it, get a new life skill.

4. Learn every day, whether that translates into life lessons or specific subject matter.

5. Try reading something you’re not versed in. Difficult. Do that more often.

6. Stay open to new ideas, places and people. Learn from them. Have your brain re-wire around these ideas, places and people.

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7. Never ever shut down. There is no point in becoming complacent or adhering to a very closed-off belief system. Make sure you’re always learning or else you will come to regret it at some point or another.

8. Be on the way to find and act in accordance to truth. You can’t go wrong being truthful, you can only learn, get smarter and quicker.

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