5 Reasons 1T1L Has Become Legacy Laptop Similar To Legacy Arrears.

      5 Reasons 1T1L Has Become Legacy Laptop Similar To Legacy Arrears.

      The government of Ghana has introduced a policy to acquire laptops for all teachers in the country. The project, however, demands the teachers pay part of the cost of the laptop. Interestingly, the government took part of the teachers’ pension funds as loans to pre-finance the project. Also revealing is the fact that the components of the cost that the teachers are supposed to pay were deducted upfront even before the laptops were provided. The deductions from the teachers’ salaries took place in November 2021. All the teachers have yet to receive their laptops. Indeed, it is argued the majority of teachers have yet to receive laptops as compared to the teachers who received the laptop. We have compiled five (5) reasons that we believe the 1T1L has become legacy laptop, similar to the legacy arrears.


      Reasons 1T1L has become legacy laptop

      1. Many teachers did not receive their laptops after one year when deductions were made.

      2. No more deductions of money from new teachers for the laptop

      3. No definite dates for supplying the laptops

      4. Exchange rates of the Ghana cedi have worsened

      5. Ghc45 interest paid by teachers is yet to be refunded



      1. More than one year after a deduction of money was made from the teachers’ salary, many teachers are yet to receive their laptops. As a symptom of legacy projects or legacy entitlements, beneficiaries usually take a lot of time or years to receive the legacy benefits or project. Based on the length of time that has elapsed without the teachers receiving their laptops, there is no doubt the laptop has become a legacy laptop.


      2. The government no longer deducts money from the salaries of teachers for the purposes of supplying the laptops to them. One major characteristic of legacy entitlements is a cut-off timeline. Therefore, we believe the government have set a temporary cut-off timeline for the qualifications for the laptops.


      3. There is clearly no definite date for supplying the laptops. A typical feature of legacy entitlements is the absence of timelines for receiving the benefits. This scenario is present in the supply of the laptop. Nobody knows when anyone will receive their laptop


      4. The exchange rate of the Ghanaian cedi has worsened. Computer parts are mostly acquired from foreign sources. Therefore, whether the computers are being assembled in Ghana or the computers are actually being manufactured in the country, the cost of computer parts will increase beyond the forecast. Therefore, the worsening exchange rate of the Ghana cedi will definitely mean the 1T1L has become legacy laptop.


      5. The government is yet to refund the Ghc45 interest that was paid by the teachers on the government’s behalf. Teachers whose money was deducted to pay for their component of the cost of the laptops were also made to pay for the interest on the loan that the government took from the teachers’ pension fund to pre-finance the laptops. Upon an uproar and appeal, the government made a promise to refund the interest that the teachers paid. However, after a year of the promise to refund the Ghc45 interest, the money is yet to be refunded. The inability of the government to refund the Ghc45 can be considered as an entity struggling to fulfill its own terms.

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      The bottom point is that the 1T1L has become legacy laptop based on the points illustrated above. Even though the laptops may eventually be supplied to all the remaining teachers, nobody knows when any batch of teachers will receive their laptop

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