5 Lessons From the Book: The Power of Balance Written by Eliofotos Orfanou

5 Lessons From the Book ‘The Power of Balance’ by Eliofotos Orfanou.

1. When you start going towards the thing that you want, the thing that you want starts coming towards you. When you take action, the Universe takes action with you, it always meets you halfway.

2. the higher your consciousness, the stronger your connection with the Divine Intelligence and the bigger the results and impact that you’ll have in this world.

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3. Take control over your mind, when something happens that will make you mad, stop for a second, breathe and control the reaction. Do not let external circumstances influence your vibration.

4. the nature of the Universe is such that it accomplishes what is right, although it might not seem right from our limited perspectives.

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5. Imagine if you gave the proper care to your mind as you do for your skin and body.

Credit: Zafar
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