5 Causes Of Impromptu And/Or Frequent Urination

      Frequent Urination and edge to urinate

      5 Causes Of Impromptu And/Or Frequent Urination… Everyone must have had an impromptu urge to urinate.

      What makes this an issue is the inconvenience that accompanies the impromptu urge to urinate especially when the individual is found in an inappropriate location which lacks washroom facilities nearby. Worse of all is when the individual is in the middle of a task and has to urinate frequently. Knowing the root cause of this impromptu and/or frequent urge could save individuals the inconveniences especially at public functions. Paying attention to frequency of urination and presenting the same to medical professionals could save the individual from advanced levels of certain medical conditions. Some of the causes are:

      1. Excessive fluid consumption within a short period is a major factor. The bladder can only hold a limited quantity of urine at a time, about one (1) litre of urine or about two sachets of water. Anytime there is the need for more produced urine to enter the bladder, previously-stored urine must exit to create more room for the newly produced urine. The bottom point is, that the more fluid you consume at a time, the more urine will be produced, needing storage space, meaning you have to urinate

      2. Diabetes: Diabetes involves an imbalance of glucose in the body system. When you have an excessive quantity of glucose above normal levels, the body could fall on the kidney to remove the excess glucose through the urine by producing more urine that would contain traces of glucose. Therefore, frequently urinating heavy urine could be a signal of diabetes that needs to be attended to at the hospital.

      3. Pregnancy: Pregnancies are usually accompanied by frequent urination. The main reason is that an enlarged uterus mostly presses the bladder which stores urine, thereby making the pregnant woman frequently have the edge to urinate, mostly impromptu.

      4. Prostrate issues: When the prostrate is enlarged, it turns to exert some pressure on the urethra, the pipe tube that urine flows through to outside the body. This pressure on the tube prevents smooth flow of urine and at the same time stimulates the bladder walls to contrast, which makes the individual have urge to urinate frequently even when the volume of urine in the bladder is small.

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      5. Diuretics: Diuretic substances promote the increased production of urine. There are diuretic medications that are prescribed for several reasons. Urinating frequently during any period you are equally on medication, you could verify from your health care giver whether frequent urination is associated with the drugs. Also, there are plants that have diuretic properties. Examples are ginger, dandelion etc. Knowledge of such plants could guide individuals about the kind of food/plants they consume before heading for any gathering that could last over long hours.

      By: Saah Irene (RGN)


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