4 Ways To Become A successful Politician

Teaser: As youths or at whatever age, you will be waisting your time and other resources hoping to become a successful politician if you do not obey the approaches outlined.

Anyone can become a very unsuccessful politician after spending long number of years shouting political ideology or political party’s name.

Find out how to become a successful politician and adopt it to become a successful politician if you aspire to become a politician or aim at advising your relations how to become successful.

Politics can be very rewarding due to the risks associated with it. However, becoming a successful politician can be illusional because of several factors. A lot of people have become disappointed politicians and there is therefore the need for new entrants and existing players to be conscious of the various ways by which they can become successful. Four major ways to become a successful politician with respect to an African environment are thus illustrated.

1. Attachment to a godfather or godmother: Godfather is not about which prominent politician that you know or knows you by name or not even an elderly politician who you communicate with on social media. An established politician in Africa, especially, could explain better since the word godfather or godmother is not just a dictionary word with respect to it’s application. Everyone hoping to become a successful politician, either young or old, need a godfather in their political establishment. Political authority is full appointments. Individuals, therefore needs to be known and seen by an appointing authority or their cronies that would appoint anyone to any position. Anyone participating in any act of politics with an intention to migrate into the political space will be engaging in a fruitless venture if such a person does not have any recognized godfather or god mother in their political party.

2. Engaged in any form of meaningful employment: Rewards from politics is by benefiting from any opportunity provided by the government of the day. Individuals in any employment under the influence of goverment stand the chance to be promoted in the same institution or appointed to affiliated institutions. Individual in employments not under the influence of goverment also stand the chance to quote their experience at their institution as basis for goverment to appoint such a person into the goverment institution. Unemployed individuals and/or those without any professional qualification stands the chance to be overlooked for any possible reward.

3. Enough money and/or established business owner: Business and politics are intertwined with each other and players from either the political side or the business side invest in each other. Nobody invest for the purpose of a loss. Being a business owner or politician is not mutually exclusive especially when politicians needs huge sums of money for their political activities. Anyone who wants to become a successful politician therefore needs a business that can transact with any goverment institution, and having all necessary legal documentations available, to benefit from goverment contracts

4. Large extended family background: In a country where politics is not just about numbers but also about numbers that support a candidate or party not just by the policies and manifestos, a person coming from a larger extended family background could be the reason he or she become a successful politician. A lot of politicians trace and connect to their ancestral relations only during political seasons. Though an aspiring politician must adopt any of the first three conditions, coming from a larger extended family background give an individual an extra advantage over their internal and external competitors.

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