4 Ways To Avoid Paying E-Levy

Ways To Avoid Paying E-Levy

Teaser: Multiple mobile money sims could be one of many means to avoid paying the controversial E-levy.


Have you thought of Ways To Avoid Paying E-Levy? Read this for more advise.


The E-levy will come into effect on 1st May 2022 after it’s passage on 29th March, 2022 and assented to by the president of the republic H.E Nana Akuffo-Addo on 31st March, 2022, two days after the passage of the E-levy bill.


Though the minority in Parliament has filed a suit in the supreme court challenging the passage of the bill citing quorum to vote in parliament as the basis.

It would not be out of place if the citizenry prepared themselves to avoid what is generally being referred to as momo tax. The four (4) ways to avoid paying the momo tax are as followed.

1. Use of double momo sims registered in a financier’s name: This method would mostly apply to people who send money above the 100ghc tax-free to parents or guardians, friends, and/or children in school far away. This approach involves one person (the financier) who registers double momo sims in his/her name but keeps one of the registered sims with the dependant/receiver and also giving out a screenshot/photocopy of the financier’s ID to the receiver/dependant for withdrawal purposes.

According to the E-levy law, transactions between accounts belonging to an individual do not attract tax. Therefore, a transfer of funds by the financier to the sim registered in his/her name would not attract tax. The only challenge with this method is non-compromising agents who would not allow anyone to withdraw money from a sim registered in another person’s name. In such a case, the agent must know the financier who would inform the agent ahead of time.

2. Multiple momo sims registered by any financier: Imagine sending the daily tax-free amount of 100gh to your ward in school and planning for your parents 200ghc in two daily installments of 100ghc each only to be called in the afternoon that your mother has been rushed to hospital and needs 500ghc for contingencies.

Or let’s just say, you have the opportunity to send 500ghc a day to anyone without paying the e-levy. Owning five (5) mobile money sims could be a rescue. You could use your five (5) sims to send 100ghc each. You only have to spread the money from your main wallet to the rest of the wallets. Do not worry, the telcos do not currently charge for moving funds less than 100ghc between your own accounts. The extra benefit of this method if you keep your own sim with the dependant is that, the financier even avoids paying the momo charges. Anyone can own a number of mobile money sims based on the number of valid ID cards the person owns. NHIS, Voter, NIA, Passport, Driving license and SSNIT cards are all eligible to use for mobile money registration. In other words, everyone could get as much as six (6) mobile money sims to facilitate avoidance of paying the e-levy.

3. Combination of limited momo transactions and unlimited cash transactions: This approach is the simplest to use. It involves a person doing his daily 100ghc tax-free transfer a day and all other transactions done in cash for the rest of day. After checking your mail or social media notifications early in the morning, the next thing is to transact your daily 100ghc tax-free transaction and cash out from the nearest mobile money agent for your cash transactions.

4. Remote cash-out transactions: This method involves a financier allowing cash-out from a far location for the momo agent to initiate withdrawal method transactions and finally the financier to input his/her pin code to complete the process.

Paying tax is good for development and not paying tax is good for production and expansion, just like the huge tax waivers given to multinationals.

These 4 Ways To Avoid Paying E-Levy will become useful to you when the e-levy law takes effect.


By: Educativenewsroom.com| Fighter Vincent Agbenyo (Economic Fighters League, EFL, member)

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