4 Reasons To Save/ Print Epayslip

      4 Major Reasons You Must Save Or Print All Your EPayslip

      What then is the implication of losing all your epayslip or losing all your payslips for a particular year or even not having your payslip for a particular month?

      The Epayslips of government workers before the year 2017 can not be retrieved or accessed on the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD)Epayslip platform. Workers who have not printed or saved such payslips could be considered to lose such payslips permanently.

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      There are four (4) major reasons you must save or print your payslip to avoid future complications with some key institutions.

      Teaser: There are some people who believe they must cross-check their SNNIT contributions regularly but do not see the need to print or save their payslips. What would such a person use to back-up his or her arguments if a SNNIT contribution for a particular year or month did not reflect on the books of SNNIT?

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      1. Resolutions of issues with employers: Issues of unearned salaries for particular years come up often in government workplaces. Also, salary upgrades or salary arrears are frequent issues to be addressed in government workplaces. Printing or saving your E-payslips could prove to be the game changer in resolving such issues.

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      2. Loan over deductions: all things being equal, loan deductions must proceed without issues. However, non-validation of workers for particular months or the delayed/earlier start date for loan deductions could all create room for loan over deductions arguments that must be addressed. A record of payslips for the period could help resolve the issues earlier with fewer inconveniences.

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      3. Insurance premium deduction issues: Workers sign up for various types of insurance policies. Inability to pay insurance premiums for some number of months could render some insurance policies invalid. For premium deductions that are effected from source, on the CAGD Epayslip platform, issues of non-validation of salaries for a particular month coming up only for such missed salaries to be paid in another month as double salary could create an issues that needs to be resolved, especially when the attempt to reconcile the premium payment is taking place long period after the non-payment of salary occured. Your payslip can save your insurance.

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      4. Tier two (2) pension reconciliation: Every worker must already be aware that part of his or her pension contributions goes to private pension fund managers for investment towards their pension lump sum. In every system, either manual or electronic, mistakes can occur with data management. In the event a member’s contribution for a particular month or particular year can not be accounted for, both the worker and the fund managers must collaborate to find a solution to the anomaly. The worker providing a copy of payslips for such months or year could be the reason the problem will be resolved or the payslip can help fast track the resolution of the issue.

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      5. Reconciliation of SNNIT contributions: The situations where members’ SNNIT contributions for a particular month or year could be missing are not completely over. In such an event, for the unlucky person, he or she would need the payslips to defeat any lazy or inefficient arguments from SNNIT that the worker was probably not paid a salary in such months.

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