3 Ways 30% Of G.E.S Promotion Candidates Would Fail. [Find out to avoid falling]

      3 Ways 30% Of G.E.S Promotion Candidates Would Fail. [Find out to avoid falling]


      Historically, G.E.S promotion interviews/aptitude tests end up with around 70% pass rate during the days of oral interviews and written aptitude tests.

      The overall pass rate of around 70% during oral interview days and the current aptitude tests can not just be a mere coincidence. Quota system of passing?

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      30% of two/three batches failing the promotion would definitely be higher than that of one batch.

      Three (3) major tools that can be used to fail candidates are thus discussed here. Read to prepare against it, though some people will definitely fail.

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      1. Quota system: the quota system means that the number of candidates that must pass the promotion interview is already known and people who will fall below that number of people will be considered to have failed even with an above average mark. This therefore means that being part of the top 70% of people is now the task and not the absolute mark candidates get.

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      2. Tough questions: the use of relatively tough questions could be an option to eliminate candidates by rough tactics. Candidates will therefore leave exam halls without hope of passing and so being declared to have failed will be acceptable by the candidate psychologically.

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      3. Late notification: getting candidates to take the promotion aptitude unprepared could be another tool to make sure people fail. Even though applications for the promotion interview are opened for teachers to apply, it is usual for anyone to wait until the examimation date is announced before teachers will start serious preparation. Ghana Education Service could therefore set standard questions but notify teachers late to get them unprepared

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