3 Critical Challenges Of The New JHS Common Core Program Faced By Teachers

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3 Critical Challenges Of The New JHS Common Core Program Faced By Teachers

As we cross over into a new academic year, there are several issues surrounding the Common Core Program that need to be addressed.

Firstly, there is a gap between teacher training and resources supply. While we acknowledge that government has spent a significant amount of money to train teachers to implement the Common Core Program, just like the standards based curriculum, many are still struggling to have access to the necessary materials to effectively teach the new curriculum.

This is causing a disturbing deficit in the teaching and learning process, as teachers struggle to grasp and fully demonstrate the new suggested methodologies and content.

Secondly, there is the question of how the current Form 1 students, who have been learning the Common Core Program, will continue their studies in Form 2. Will they continue with the new curriculum, or will they fall on the Old Objective-based Curriculum as their predecessors?

What is the implementation plan? Should teachers use their discretion again as it was in the case before the CCP training? Where some schools were using the old others were using the new. Or we should wait for another last minute midnight press statement?

What we should note is that, If the latter is the case, it will create confusion and inconsistency in the learning process for these students.

Finally, teachers are raising concerns about the subject “Career Technology” subject. In any serious country where quality education is the Hallmark, someone would have lend ears to these teachers to know what their concerns are and take actions to help them overcome any challenges.

From all indications, it seems that the curriculum planners have failed to adequately plan or communicate same for the implementation of the Common Core Program, leading to these current issues.

It is essential that these issues are addressed and resolved in order to ensure smooth implementation as well as successful and effective learning experience for all students.

Credit: Mr. E.K Apkorhor

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