2nd Validation | Issues Repeat. 30%? Missing Staff

      January Validation Reset For Re-Validation. Problem Repeat | Missing Staff And More

      After a long wait for January salaries, the process for the payment of the January salaries is facing serious challenges. Among them are the names of staff missing from the validation voucher. The issues, which were on a large scale, forced the controller to reset the validation platform for the validation process to be repeated.

      A notice from the head of validation to all validators read:

      “Please all Payment Vouchers (PVs) for January 2023 validation have been reset.

      This includes those who have already been validated. This was necessary to correct the issue of an incomplete list of PVS. All validators are encouraged to log on to the portal to do the needful .

      Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

      Warm Regards

      For: ESPV HEAD”

      However, according to multiple validators that our team at educativenewsroom spoke, the details of staff that were validated were still the same as what was done earlier.

      Two groups of validators

      For the first team of validators, the names of all staff appear for validation just like the previous one and a 30% salary increment has been effected in the January salaries.

      However, for the second team of validators, the names of some staff are still missing on the validation voucher, just like the earlier validation that was reset. Also, a 30% salary has been effected for the names that are captured.

      The results of the current challenge will be interesting to look out for, since the month of January is usually a rough one. We hope the situation will be resolved no matter the challenge.

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      It is also unclear what might be causing the current validation voucher issue since the electronic payment voucher system has been in use since the year 2014. Though technical issues is not unusual issue on the payment platform, some sections of the public are already putting a spine on the challenge as a possible haircut on the January salaries, probably to save some cash for the government.

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