2023 Salary Negotiations As At January 2023

      2023 Salary Negotiations As At January 2023

      1. In a very long while, public sector salary negotiations have not concluded after the presentation of the national budget. However, this time around, the next year has arrived without a conclusion of salary increase negotiations.

      2. To our special team at educativenewsroom.com  with lots of insight into governance operations worldwide, the current situation is never a surprise.

      3. Interesting is the fact that the last meeting held by labour unions and the government was on the 21st December 2022 without any publicly confirmed date for further negotiations.

      4. Also, the fact that both labour and the government are entrenched in their position on the rate expected at 58% and 18% respectively, calls into question whether the parties could ever reach an agreement.

      5. Another point of interest is whether both parties could reach an agreement by the middle of January 2023 for any agreed rate of increase to be factored into January salaries.

      6. The expectation of our team regarding January salaries is captured in this article: Outlook For January 2023 Salary When There Is No Agreed Salary Increase For 2023 By Middle of January

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