2023 release letters

      2023 release letters ready

      The 2023 release letters are ready for collection at various regional Ghana Education Service offices. Some of the regional offices are sending text messages. Some other regional offices are calling applicants to come for the 2023 release letters.


      Interestingly, some of the regional offices are asking applicants to bring one hundred Ghana cedis (Ghc100.00) before they will be given their letters. This information is provided by teachers who received phone calls from some regional offices that their release letters are ready.


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      However, it is not all the regional offices that are sending text messages or calling applicants to come for their letters.


      Applicants in regions which have not received their text messages or phone calls can enquire from their various regional offices of the Ghana Education Service to verify whether the release letters are ready.


      Unlawful monies

      Teachers and interested parties must forward this message and any other messages from anywhere alleging collection of illegal monies to the Director General to take action.


      In our previous reports, some districts are taking as much as one thousand five hundred Ghana cedis from teachers to offer either an assurance letter or 2023 release letters.


      The Ghana Education Service headquarters therefore needs to put in measures that reduce the extortion of teachers to the minimum levels.


      Do not park-out until you receive your letter

      According to the directive of the Ghana Education Service, teachers who have applied for release must remain in their existing stations until they have received their approval letters.


      Therefore, any teacher who parks from his or her existing station ahead of receiving a 2023 release letters may face complications in the validation of salaries.

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