1. Change

Intelligent people know exactly what to do when the tides of change come.

To cope with change, you need 2 things:

1) Flexibility
2) Spontaneity

Normal people react poorly to average in changing situations.

Intelligent people perform at their best.

2. Originality

Highly intellectual people can synthesise new ideas faster.

This means they can connect patterns in their brain in unique ways.

They end up being able to spot unique solutions to problems.

They also tend to be abundantly creative.

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3. Self-awareness

We often think of intelligent people as introverted or reclusive.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Intelligent people think about the needs of others and focus on improving themselves.

They’re aware of their shortcomings and their need to evolve.

4. Music

If you can spot rhythm, melody and pattern in music, this is a sign of high intelligence.

When analysing music, our brain uses processes of:

– Pattern Recognition
– Metaphorical Thinking
– Auditory Perception

These will seep into other areas of life.

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5. Predictions

If you can identify hidden patterns, you can create predictions.

Of course, these won’t be correct all the time, as is the entropic nature of life.

But you will be right more often than not.

6. Thirst for knowledge


Intelligent people desire answers like a hungry animal desires food.

They will ask questions, even at the risk of looking stupid.

Coming across as idiotic doesn’t bother intelligent people – there’s no time to waste caring about that.

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7. Concepts

Intelligent people can be presented with a new topic and unravel it with ease.

Have you ever met someone who learnt a language in 6 months?

Or someone who writes book after book after book?

New topics aren’t intimidating – they’re refreshing.

8. Memory

Recall is a common trait of intelligence.

If you can recall large quantities of information or specific pieces of information, you’re intelligent.

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9. Inspiration

Anyone can create a plan and follow it.

Intelligent people go further. They become derailed from the project due to inspiration. But they cannot ignore the call of following it.

Sometimes, it leads to nothing.

Sometimes, it leads to an unventured path.

10. Diversity

Intellectuals are diverse in their knowledge.

They won’t be experts in each realm, but they will have fascinating insights on a multitude of problems, such as:

– Math
– Sport
– Music
– Politics
– History
– Literature
– Economics

and more…

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11. Wisdom

Do others approach you for advice?

If people seek your suggestions, it’s because you offer a varied and rational outlook on a situation.

You will help others identify weaknesses and strengths of their projects.

12. Perception

Most people fail to notice the world around them.

Intelligent people are ultra-perceptive.

They are aware of the details of life.

Sometimes, the smallest details give the biggest clue.

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13. Zoom Out

Intelligent people think about the bigger picture.

They are ruthless in their progress and are able to look from a birds eye view on any situation.

This allows them to plan their next steps accordingly, not randomly.

Source: Leaders Junction

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