12 Health Benefits Of Dates [Nurses Diaries]

12 Health Benefits Of Dates [Nurses Diaries]

Dates are commonly eaten by Muslims and has been tagged

as Muslims fruit.

Dates have amazing Health benefits that is why you need to include them to your fruits.


Modern science has proved that dates are part of a healthy diet. They contain


1. Natural sugar, their sugars are released slowly and steadily. As a result, they help in sustaining energy for a long time.

2. Apart from being tasty, dates boost the body with energy and minerals.

3. They relieve intestinal disorders like bloating,

4. They improve insomnia


5. They Reduce the incidence of osteoporosis.

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6. Healthy pregnancy and easy delivery

7. Helps in Iron deficiency anaemia

8. Maintain healthy eyes

9. They also contain high amount of antioxidants that fights diseases

10. They promote brain health

11. They improve blood sugar

12. They prevent constipation

Next time you go shopping get dates for yourself, it is not just for Muslims but food for all.

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