100% Death Rate In Ghana For Marburg Hemorrhagic Patients

100% Death Rate In Ghana For Marburg Hemorrhagic Patients

It is being confirmed that all the people who were infected with the deadly disease, Marburg hemorrhagic disease, which is in the same category as Ebola, have died according to the health experts who appeared on the Joynews program, News file, which was hosted by Evans Mensah.

Together with other revelations, every citizen must sensitize themselves about the signs and symptoms and prevention measures to help prevent this deadly disease from taking over the country in yet another pandemic while Covid-19 is still around.

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One of the nurses who attended to one such patient also bled, which is raising fears of yet another infection since bleeding is one key symptom of the disease, according to the health experts who have deeper level of information about the development.

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The two health experts, Dr. Micheal Owusu and Dr. John Amuasi, who were the panelist, hinted that the deceased people from the Marburg hemorrhagic disease will be buried like Covid-19 patients who passed on. The health professionals, who work as specialists at KCCR and also lecture at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) disclosed that so far the two people who were confirmed to have had the marburg hemorrhagic disease have died of the disease.

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Though it has been disclosed that one of the nurses who attended to one of the deceased also bled, the scientists believe the nurse’s bleeding is not related to the disease. Also, it was disclosed the source of the disease could be either from animals or a laboratory. However, the Ghanaian scientists believe this case of the disease is highly possible to come from animals. Interesting, however, is the divergent opinions about whether the public can continue consuming bush animals for now.

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Marburg hemorrhagic disease or fever is a severe and highly lethal disease caused by a virus from the same family as the one that causes Ebola. This disease affects both humans and animals.

Mode of Transmission

1 . Objects contaminated with body fluids of an infected person

2 . Semen from a man who has recovered from Marburg hemorrhagic disease. The virus can remain in the semen of a person who has recovered from the disease even if they don’t have symptoms of the disease.

3 . Blood or body fluids such as sweat, breast milk, of an infected person.

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Signs and symptoms

1 . Fever

2. Chills

3. Headache

4 . Body pains

5. Rashes on the chest, back and stomach

6 . Sore throat

7 . Chest pains

8. Weight loss

9. Jaundice


1. Massive bleeding
2. Shock

3. Delirium

4. Liver failure

5. Multi-organ dysfunction

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