10 Jobs After Retirement To Prepare For Actively

10 Jobs After Retirement To Prepare For Actively

Observe the body (physique) and health of anyone who recently retired at the accurate age of sixty (60) years. The observation should inform you that, at the time the National Identification Card is in effect, where it would be difficult if not impossible to change dates of birth, people will be living long after retirement. Gone were the days people pass on shortly after retirement, probably because they have extended their stay in the workforce. They could, therefore, not be able to have jobs After retirement

A lot of people are living long after retirement these days on meager pension payments. How to survive about thirty (30) years after retirement on half of your salary, as the pension period, will be a source of issues, since personal finances balloon at advance ages especially with health cost. Apart from financial reasons, aged people need jobs After retirement to keep their health also in shape. Humans use their pre-retirement age to gain a lot of experience that can go wasted due to retirement from active work. This experience, when put into any form of work, can be transferred to younger generations and generate income for the retiree to take care of himself or herself. The following ten (10) jobs or occupations that can be done actively in retirement must be taken seriously and prepared for.

1. Book writing or blogging: Writing books or blogging, though it can generate income, it can also be an avenue to document and publish your personal life experiences. Writing books can be done until one passes on, because even with a loss of sign or incapacitated hands, the message can be delivered to a second person.

The only resource needed to be a good author is a personal interest in writing, which can be developed.

2. Small farms: Small holder farms is another job that can be done into advanced age. A farm size between an acre and three (3) acres is enough to generate enough income for the pensioneer with his or her pension allowance as a backup income. The mall farms are also an avenue for exercise to keep the retiree fit.

While in an active workforce, the individual must make a conscious effort to secure the farm land for the purpose of retirement farming. Even if the land has to be bought, it would be worth it. An acre-sized farm can yield an income equivalent to the individual’s active work salary depending on the type of crops farmed and the season targeted. For example, dry season vegetable farming is very lucrative irrespective of the risk.

3. Convenience stores: Popularly referred to as ‘provision stores’, convenience stores are a very good source of income during pension, especially when the individual has prepared for it as a source of pension income.

The individual must gradually secure his or her favorite location he or she considers for retirement home. Starting the preparation early will afford the individual the opportunity to identify his or her niche market and expand up to an appropriate level before retirement. The individual would also have the opportunity to experience and correct all the risks associated with the business.

4. Coding or anything ICT: The world has undoubtedly transformed into a digital world and there is no end. Being able to code and master anything in IT would prepare the individual for active work in pension. Provided the retiree has his or her sight available, he or she would be highly respected and engaged in the industry due to their massive experience.

A computer, internet data and paid classes are what the individual needs to master any IT skills.

5. Consultancy: Consultancy is simply a job of advising business or firms with research-backed reports. Any professional with a lot of experience can become a consultant to any firm of relevance.

A lot of professionals with very rich experience miss out on becoming consultants because they did not research the field of consultancy. One needs to register as a consultancy firm with a history of tax clearance certificates and a history of consultancy to land good paying jobs as a consultant in retirement. Starting early as a consultant with small firms is a good starting point while building your level of experience towards retirement consultancy activities.

6. Medical or health services: A very good profession to retire is health services. Individuals stand the chance of taking very good care of their health with a health service background. Private medical facilities or pharmacies or drug stores or laboratories are good income-earning opportunities in retirement.

An active service in the health profession is all an individual needs to prepare to offer a service for income during retirement. Regulatory certification is also an important requirement. Therefore, acquiring such certifications during active service is an advantage.

7. Acting: Any acting role can be continued long into retirement. An interesting part of acting is that roles can be adjusted to suit the physical demands of individuals, provided the actor has the minimum level of mental health to follow his or her scripts.

A career in acting is enough preparation for anyone attaining the age of sixty (60) years in the movie industry.

8. Electrician: Being an electrician demands a lower level of physical strength compared to other crafts. Electrical works can also be adjusted in retirement to deal with only cables on lower or safe grounds to avoid unnecessary risk climbing or drilling walls which are more physically demanding.

Preparing oneself to be an electrician is only a matter of choice. Anyone at any age can learn electrical work if he or she is prepared to learn. Basic tools like current tester and pliers are what an individual needs to become an electrician.

9. Owning or heading a school: Teaching could be physically demanding, especially when you have to stand on your feet for hours. Owning or heading a school is an alternative of being actively engaged to earn income and keep himself or herself busy.

To own a school in retirement, one must start a school even before he or she retires to surmount any obstacle associated with starting a business or school.

10. Politician: Politics is a full-time job for people in certain countries. However, most people consider and practice politics on a part-time basis. Full-time politics can provide a stream of income and activity during retirement for those who consider and practice politics as a part-time job during their regular work life.

Associating with any political cause is all that is needed to achieve this goal of becoming a full-time politician in retirement.

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In conclusion, it must be noted that all these jobs that can be done in retirement must be initiated and formed up long before retirement age to be successful in doing so.

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